Monday, May 22, 2006

Big pre-CapTex weekend

It was a fun pre-CapTex weekend beginning with the Friday run. Needing to bump the Friday run to 1:15, Patty helped me get a 5:40 start on the 6am running group. We met Roni at the Y as she ran from home. We only put an additional 1.5 miles on top the regular 4.5 mile run and we'll need to do better next week. Roni, we'll try not to be "cheaters" next week and catch you down the road as planned.

Knowing that we were to meet at Joe Pool lake for an open water swim we had a large group train at the pool Friday night. Jason, Kyson and Todd all put in about 2700m and I did about 2200m. I timed my mile at 29:13 so so I'd know how long to swim in the morning.

Another morning that we see 5-something AM and we all carpooled in various configurations and met at the marina Saturday morning. Todd went for some riding miles but we had 6 swimmers in brightly colored caps (orange works best!). Parting the rows of bass boats we slid into the water and fought the chop out for 15 minutes. On the turn around it was choppier and upwind but the breathing on the downwind side was lots easier and contained more oxygen than water. We all got the mile done and headed for the bikes. We all got a kick out of Todd's "Gu Packs Attack". You gotta read about that, AND see the visual, at

I planned to show Scott and Lisa the original 43 mile Cedar Hill route (less the Wall and Texas Plume) and they got lost but made it for the ride. Lisa was incredibly strong though she's got some learning to do on that new bike. Scott did the entire route and I was proud of him because he's got surgery in the short term future. He rallied up all the big hills and even came out on the run. Scotty, Lisa is no longer in your rearview mirror! Get well and catch her. Lisa's motivation this year is the Ironhead Triple Challenge. Good luck, Lisa. That was my goal last year and its tough.

After the ride, Roni and I got our 30 minute run accomplished. In fact, all the team, including Scott and Lisa, got a run in of various distances. The racehorses; Kyson, Jason, Bryon and Todd dissappeard out of sight on the dam and came back awfully sweaty. The Oasis cafe on the lake almost ran out of food but came through as we all pigged-out.

Another 5-something AM Sunday filled the car with 4 runners going for a WR loop; Roni, Calley, Patty and I. We met Jason, Todd and Helene there at 7 and found that Larry and Rich were already running. Read about Todd and Patty at as they burned a trail around the lake. Helene, Roni and I slogged out 9 miles but, lemme tell you, it was slow and hot. Helene seems to be getting stronger and Roni and I are fairly even right up to the end. That's when Roni shows me she's got more left. Even Patty, who backtracked to us, couldn't drag me back up to Helene and Roni so I settled for a close finish. Still... it was a (tail)kicking.

This week's mileage:
Swim: 9000m (good)
Bike: 118 (kinda wimpy) 32+21+47+18
Run: 28.5 (strong) 7+3.2+6+3.3+9

So, the week before my 3rd Olympic distance ever will be somewhat lighter but CapTex should be a workout. I need to practice technique, hydration and nutrition and try to beat last year's middle-of-the-pack finish.

IM-Moo... 110 days.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ironman Wisconsin - This is real.

Its the middle of the 30 week training program and its starting to feel like "something" is happening. Perhaps the alien is looking to escape its host. 17 weeks in and no injuries, abrasions or second thoughts. I never thought I could do so much each and every week and still feel great. My training partner, Roni, and I are turning pages in the workout spreadsheet and the BeIronFit book is ruling our weeks. She seems to be gathering steam as well. I'll start frequent postings here about our progress and soon I'll post one word; IRONMAN.