Saturday, July 29, 2006

"That wasn't I35W was it?"

Today's program was close to 100 miles then an hour run. Quite the crowd met in front of the house at 6:30am with a couple of routes in mind. Some were doing the airport 40 and Roni, Jason, Matt and I were linking the airport to the Bluebonnet Route for 100. This would be Matt and Roni's longest ride ever and it was going to be a hot one. For me, I needed a rebound from the bonk last week and I got it as I felt strong all the way.

Once this route gets through Grapevine and out to Bartletville it goes West through horse country on the North side of Lake Lewisville. Continuing West we went under a bridge at about mile 60ish when Matt, whom was riding really strong, exclaimed "That wasn't I35W (emphasis on the W) was it?". After awhile somebody mentioned that we ought to be near Fort Worth. So I pointed out the Fort Worth shyline over on the horizon. I think Matt was a little taken aback... maybe thinking about how far we had to go to get home.

The ride turned out to be only 92 miles and everyone rode strong, especially Roni. Wow, her riding is getting better and she now is pretty confident that she'll catch me in Wisconsin (but not on the bike ;-). That seemed to be reinforced during our 42 minute run after the ride where she also ran strong (with Patty at her slowest pace possible) and I couldn't keep my HR down to anything reasonable so I walked a lot.

Tomorrow is another day, recovery seems to be the great miracle so I'm expecting a good 2.25 hour run. We meet Roni at 5:45am at the Rock.... I'm already looking forward to breakfast.

This week's mileage (yikes! this is peak phase isn't it?):
Swim - 10,200m (3200, 3600, 3400) strong
Bike - 194 (30, 32, 30, 92) strong
Run - 34 (13, 10, 8, 3) strong


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