Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bonk!! And then... Ba-Da-Bing!

Its only 45 days now. OMG! Saturday the confidence meter fell way left into the red arc, the red lights came on, started flashing and the stall horn was blaring. After only 65 miles in 5 hours, 2 flats and a choking experience the training ride haD hit the wall. Roni and everyone else seemed to have a great ride and dragged my sorry ass in for the run but I bailed for the couch. I blame a failed nutrition plan (implementation) and not drinking enough for a textbook BONK. There’s a long list of excuses but none worth mentioning because its crunch time and things should be going better, especially on the bike.

Sunday was a new day. We needed to get the long run in early so that the whole team could go root for Calley at her first Sprint distance triathlon in Irving. So the plan was to meet at our house at 5:30am. Roni and I had to run 2 hours per our program so we started early. I headed down the road at 5am, met up with Roni for the initial few miles then she and I met the group at our house for the rest of the run. Heading up to Brookhaven I could tell that it was, indeed, a new day. No memory in the legs of yesterdays bonk, got up on a cruise and headed for the soft-track with Roni. After she turned off for her house I ran the first 2-mile loop, then the 2nd 2-mile loop. I think it was finally then, and after seeing my friends go by the other direction on their loops offering encouraging comments for me, that I realized I’m good for the run. I kept Patty and Helene in view and completed 2 hours and 5 minutes as required. Ba-Da-Bing! Confidence meter moving back to the middle and the bells and whistles are quiet.

A quick, but large, breakfast then off to Irving for Calley’s first tri-, the Irongirl Sprint. Calley is a runner extrodinaire so we were there to see her struggle out of the water and onto the beach, wobble down the bike course…. then totally waste everyone in running shoes. She did just that. See http://www.doitsports.com/newresults3/client/126426_165842_2006.html
Where she came in at 7th of 83 in age group. OK, so the run matters…. a LOT! Congratulations Calley! Forget the swim but pull the bike up to 20 mph and you can win these things!

The weekend wasn't over for Todd yet who started at 6am our time at IM Lake Placid. Following along in the net we saw that he turned in a great swim, a phenomenal bike first loop, slowed on the 2nd then ran his first ever MARATHON.. Finishing his first Ironman triathlon in 12:38 is an inspiration to all of us Its not terribly clear but his picture at the line is to the right and you can make out the big smile. TODD!!! YOU ARE AN IRONMAN! Todd's the guy in the middle wearing the yellow top.

Onward with Peak Phase….. ed.


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